The Cycologists

2008 – 2010

music made with bicycles….

springing up in unexpected places.

Number of Performers: 3

Three cyclists appear spontaneously in carefully selected places and perform for approx 7 minutes in each place.

The musicians include three wind players (Linsey Pollak, Ric Halstead, Brendan Hook).

All the music is made with the bicycles, especially featuring: three clarinets made from the bicycle seat stems plus bicycle pump panpipes,  tuned bicycle bells and a handlebar flute.

Three cyclists in lycra cycling gear and helmets arrive …….. It could be in a park, outside a school, in a hardware store, in the foyer of a theatre or concert hall. Or it could be in a factory lunch room or a hospital, or a shopping Mall, or some unusual place with a beautiful acoustic character.

They rest the bicycles on their stands and spontaneously perform on bicyclepump panpipes and handlebar flute then in unison they pull the seats out of their bicycle frames and place mouthpieces into the seat stems and begin playing their bicycle seat clarinets as a clarinet trio.

This all happens very fast and unexpectedly, with no explanation. They play a number of pieces featuring original music especially composed for the trio…….and then cycle off.

“The Cycologists” have proven to be favourites at the following Festivals and Street Parties : –

2008 – “Down Under Classic” Cycle Race Street Party – Adelaide.

2008 – Opening of Adelaide Fringe Festival

2008 – WomAdelaide Festival

2008 – Brisbane Festival

2008 – Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge Bike Ride (Cycling Queensland)

2008 – Brisb ane City Council Environment Fair

2009 – Opening of Sydney Festival

2009 – La Strada Festival in Graz, Austria

We perform 10 x seven minute shows in a two hour call.

We do not require any staging or amplification.


click here to listen to:  “Deviant Dancer” (played on 3 bicycle seats)

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