This Little Life

This Little Life was a duo performance by Linsey and Mark Bromilow developed from 2011 – 2014.

Part ritual, part performance, This Little Life is a visual and musical journey into the secret life of small objects. 12 guests at a time are invited into a strange inflatable dome, removed from the big world outside. Inside the bubble, all is dark except for the light of two torches and a surreal silent (except for the shouts of the two hosts) party vibe. The guests sit and put on headphones and the party is no longer silent. The two guides toast the arrival of their guests and the journey begins . . .Using real-time sampling and looping, the music and sound environment are created completely live from the vibrations recorded from small objects. And as the sounds form melodies, images begin to appear. A digital microscope probes the surface of natural and man-made materials and their textures are projected onto the inside of the dome. The little life of small things becomes visible to us all.

For half an hour, the two guides search for new musical and visual landscapes to uncover and explore. When the guests are escorted back into their big world, the simple beauty of the sounds and images of This Little Life remain with them.

Co-creators, Linsey Pollak and Mark Bromilow propose an environment in which audiences can take the time to reflect upon the beauty of little things . . . an opportunity to look at familiar things with the eyes, the ears and the delight of a child . . . a moment of shared reflection and meditation on the beauty to be found in this little life of ours.

The performance lasts 30 minutes and is for an audience of 12. High quality audio and projection provide an immersive environment inside the dome and the production is completely technically self-sufficient. Due to the use of headphones for the audience and a light-proof dome, there is no audio or visual interference with other events (except for fan noise) and the performance can take place in any appropriate indoor area, such as the foyer of a theatre.

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