The Extinction Room

The Extinction Room was a solo music piece performed by Linsey 2009 – 2016. 

The Extinction Room is a sound  piece creating music from the sounds of endangered & extinct animals.In this performance of approximately 45 minutes,  the audience will wear blindfolds and be taken on a journey into the Extinction Room….. a sound archive of endangered and extinct species …… the calls of animals that no longer exist……or may soon not exist. These sounds cry out to us in perhaps a more immediate and emotive way than words can describe. They are a cry from the animals that share and have shared this planet with us. This is an audio Library of loss, of despair AND of HOPE…….because we can do something about it if we act NOW!
This is a solo performance using live looping (a process using real time instantaneous recording of each layer of music) playing an Electronic wind instrument that plays  the sound samples of animal calls. All the sounds used are animal calls and nothing has been pre-recorded……it’s all being created as you listen.

click to listen to an exerpt from The Extinction Room: 
Rhino bass