The Art of Food

a solo show performed 1999 – 2002
(directed by Mark Bromilow)

Ivan is a home-styled kitchenhand with a difference. He’s eccentric, hilarious and totally irresistable. And he lives in a musical world where all is possible….

From the moment that Ivan walks into the kitchen, everything becomes musical…. carrots, potatoes, satay sticks, meat cleavers and even an electric drill, with which he transforms a carrot into a clarinet before our very eyes.

This musical world that  Ivan creates is more than a series of clever tricks. It is an aural world of depth, energy and beauty. Although the materials are disconcertingly simple, the music itself is complex, rich and emotive, ranging from energetic and percussivecross rhythms to haunting and lyrical woodwind (or should we say vegiewind) melodies.

As with his previous solo show “Knocking on Kevin’s Door” Linsey uses digital technology to record sounds instantaneously so that the audience is able to see each piece being constructed layer by layer, but in this show all the sounds come from the cooking utensils and the food.

“The Art of Food” is an aural feast, an ode to the music of everyday life, which is there for everyone who cares to open their ears.