Sunrise Sessions

Since November 2022 Linsey has been playing many of his varied wind instruments in beautiful locations at Sunrise, mostly near where he lives, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Already after 7 months he had recorded and videoed 43 Sunrise Sessions. Mostly these are solo, but sometimes he invites another musician to join him. The process is very simple:

Arrive just before sunset. Set up 2 iPads (1 to record audio and 1 to film – Linsey is also the sound recordist, videographer and editor). Mainly focus on the environment and the sunrise, but also the playing of music in this setting. The music is mostly improvised, often using a pre-recorded drone and usually on the first take. Editing is done later that day and usually finished by early afternoon. It’s a very simple process and one of Linsey’s favourite projects.


From the Press:  Renowned for his love of unusual and innovative wind instruments, immersive and engaging musical performance, and world music inspired collaborations and creative collectives, Linsey Pollak OAM is once again engaging others through the beauty of music and our stunning natural landscapes with his new ‘Sunrise Sessions’ series. Filmed at beautiful locations around the Sunshine Coast since November 2022, and uploaded to YouTube and Linsey’s personal Facebook page, ‘Sunrise Sessions’ have garnered an incredible groundswell of support and appreciation, with the series resonating deeply on various levels with a wide audience both locally and internationally.