‘SQUIRT’  –  an interactive and performance installation using water squirted from bottles to trigger the sounds of Australian frogs.    2005 – 2008

Listen to SQUIRT sounds

Listen to a sample of Squirt Sounds (mp3 format 1.2mb)


The water is squirted at twelve two dimensional 1m x 1m fluoro acrylic Frogs.

These frogs are touch sensitive and trigger the sound samples of frog sounds as the water strikes them. This creates a random frog soundscape when played by the general public. This is interspersed with short 5 – 10 minute musical performances every 20 minutes by 2 performers.

The best situation is in a park where the installation can be in place for 2 hours.  It needs an area of about 12metres x 6 metres (not counting area for the viewing audience). The public can interact  by squirting water at the frogs with hand held water squirters (4 – 6 people at a time) and about every 20 minutes the 2 performers demonstrate the musicality of the installation by playing 5 minutes of Frog music. It is an “after dark” installation.