Slavka & Živko

Slavka & Živko was a duo with Linsey and Nadia Sunde, performed 2012 – 2014.

Slavka & Živko are the greatest sensation of musicalness since the Eurovision Song Contest began. These peoples are having crowds moving in happiness and amazement.

Slavka is almost award-winning singer and beauty queen, coming third in Miss Adriatic contest, which still is pretty good. She comes from good family and is also very beautiful with many glamours.

Živko plays amazing Eurodance Beats, making sound that you cannot believe from the end of his magic blowing instrument. He can make noises like everything and he has the most fine moustache.Together they make amazing sensational team of music.

Slavka and Živko are sponsored for amazing successfulness in Australia by Linsey Pollak and Nadia Sunde.They really are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

listen to “eBay”:


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