Shopska Salata

2010 – 2011

Shopska Salata is Lubche Nikolovski (winds, loops & kaossilator) and Svetko Ramanuja  (vocals, kanjira & morsing). Their style is “tongue ‘n Groove and their stylist is Slavcho (their Uncle).Think “Black Cat White Cat” and “Pit Bull Terrier” and you begin to get the picture. Sporting pointy white shoes, suits and extravagant moustaches they are taking Balkan kaoss pad electrodance to new heights. This is a brand new world dance craze in the making.Shopska Salata was launched in Albania in 2010 and they haven’t rested since then……..these two cousins (yes, it’s a Family Band) only met recently as they had been living on different continents, both infamous in their own right – Svetko formerly with the “Bubbling Tablas” and Lubche with “Nikolovski Bros”. To see them and hear them together is a total meindphaak!


Bratuched moj   Bratuched moj

Pravo oro  Pravo oro

I like this one   I like this one