Searching for That Sound

2021 – 2022

When I was a teenager I had an extraordinarily vivid dream about playing a wind instrument that had a sound that I instantly fell in love with. In some ways I’ve been searching to find that sound again all my life. The search for that sound outside the confines of sleep didn’t begin as a conscious search. I only began to realise in later years that I have been searching for that elusive sound all my life, somehow knowing that I will never find it. 

It was never my life plan to become a woodwind instrument maker. As a 19 year-old living in Sydney I had taken a year off after leaving high school and before starting a SCIENCE degree , I was planning to become a neurophysiologist. However, during that year, amongst other things, I discovered a bamboo grove. Not a big deal, but for some reason I decided to cut a length of bamboo and I made my first musical instrument – a bamboo flute. That was it. I was hooked  ….I’d totally fallen in love with the process of making a musical instrument. 

I didn’t become an instrument maker and inventor as a conscious part of this search, that only began and developed due to a series of random life events.‘Searching for that Sound’ will take you on a journey from random event to random event and instrument to instrument over the course of the performance.