Make your own Mr Curly & Other Clarinets


eBook in EPUB or PDF format.

The EPUB v3 format contains embedded audio files and requires a compatible ebook reader or application.

This book will show you how to make your own musical instruments. The instruments in this book are all members of the clarinet family. I have developed these designs and measurements over the last 25 years and included in this book are 13 of the instruments with various tunings and materials.

The materials for the instruments in this book are easily available from Australian hardware stores or irrigation suppliers. Other countries may not have exactly the same tubes and pipes, but dimensions are included so that you can hopefully find equivalent materials. The inside and outside diameters of all pipes used are included in the individual instrument measurement tables.

Photos of each instrument are included as well as links to video clips of the instruments being played. There are also embedded audio files for most of the instruments.