Paranormal Music Society

1986 –  1998

You had to be there!

This trio of three included:

The President – Professor Crivici (Romano Crivici – Linsey’s oldest friend…I don’t mean old….just from long ago….when they were just kids….almost) – keys and violin.

Frank Brutal – leader of the political arm of the Society (Blair Greenberg) – percussion and guitar.

The Secretary – Denis Bland (Linsey) – winds (of many persuasions)

The Paranormals (as they were fondly called) had a cult following in Sydney and were known for channeling the works of dead composers (especially Hidegarde Spumoni – a lesser known Baroque composer) and playing music whose notes were determined by rolls of a giant dice. They improvised requests called out by the audience. Things like: “the pinnacle guinea pig races”, “haddock”, “Bob Marley goes to Turkey”, “Rawhide” and so on.

They recorded two albums (but only released one – “Moving On”)

They were a legend in their own time.