Making Jam

a solo show performed 2003 – 2006 Making Jam is a solo show by Linsey Pollak. It’s for people of all ages, and as with many of Linsey’s previous shows it’s about making music from the things around us.

In Making Jam we get to hear flutes, panpipes and clarinets made from garden hose and  bagpipes made from rubber gloves. We also hear music made from dental floss, carrots (of course), satay sticks and a music stand.  Some newly created instruments will be unveiled such as “Raven”.

Audience comments:

“I realize that the sound of AIR is very beautiful “ Korean mother

“It’s the science of our life”

“The music can be created by not only musical instruments but also everything ” 11 year old

Touring History:



Seoul – Sth Korea

Woodford Folk Festival


Seattle International Children’s Festival

Vancouver International Children’s Festival



Australian Science Festival

Mercado Cultural – Salvador, Brazil



Brisbane Powerhouse – Powerkidz season,

Nissay Theatre Tokyo