Macedonian Gypsy Brass Band Workshops

These workshops  are for experienced  players of brass instruments, saxophone, clarinet and percussion (for 12  players or more).

The Rom  people (Gypsies) living in Macedonia are famous for their fine musicianship and among the styles of music they play is a type of Brass Band music that is particularly used for Weddings, Christenings and other Street celebrations and parties. It is wild and exciting. While studying Macedonian bagpipes in Macedonia 38 years ago Linsey was lucky enough to stay with the hospitable Roma Destanovski family in Berovo and fell in love with this style of music. He has written and arranged 5 part scores in the style played by these great musicians.


View Music (PDF format files):


3 weddings Bb   3 weddings C   3 weddings Eb

Bakers dozen Bb   Bakers dozen C   Bakers dozen Eb

Blaguno Dece Bb   Blaguno Dece C   Blaguno Dece Eb

Jovano Jovanke Bb   Jovano Jovanke C   Jovano Jovanke Eb

Sao Roma Bb   Sao Roma C   Sao Roma Eb