Humarimba Workshops

In 1988 Linsey invented the “Humarimba” a marimba (or large xylophone) played by three people and suspended from the belts of two of the three players. Since then the humarimba has become a mainstay of Linsey’s work in Community Music, the highlight being a project in 1995 called “The Big Marimba” where 400 people built 320 metres of marimbas (with 2400 tuned marimba bars) that crossed the Brisbane River attached to the Victoria Bridge as part of the Brisbane Biennial Music Festival. The humarimba has been a vital part of Linsey’s Community Music work.The workshops are “hands on”, usually for a maximum of 15 – 18 players, playing pieces composed by Linsey specifically for the humarimba.


Hear the Humarimba


View humarimba music – Gardens finale (PDF Format)

View humarimba music – Dodgy (PDF Format)



To help you make a humarimba you can download the Humarimba making pdf.

How to Make a Humarimba (PDF Format)

To buy a Humarimba or other type of marimba, contact Mik Moore

(workshop is in Kin Kin in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, SE Queensland).