Human Trash Orchestra

2021 – 2022

We know what we’ve gotta do, we know what we’ve gotta change, but we are so locked into our habitual ways of living that we don’t seem to be able to make the changes in time to turn around the inevitable disaster. It’s easy to point the finger at the main culprits (and point fingers we must), but we are all part of this and we can’t shrug off our own part in the problem (or in the solution).

 Human Trash Orchestra  is not providing an answer to the problem. However it is providing a vessel, an Ark of Celebration, to sail a voyage through these rocky straits and help motivate and facilitate change in a climate of despair via the radical joy of people coming together on this voyage using music as the pilot.

But enough waffle. What is the Human Trash Orchestra? What are the ‘nuts and bolts’?

Musical Instruments made from recycled and upcycled Trash.

Each player makes their own instrument (this can be as simple as 2 sticks)

There could be instruments made from: Shopping trolleys, Bicycles, wheelie bins & crutches, pots and pans, crockery, cans & cardboard boxes. Toolboxes & spanners, bottles, jugs and glasses, garden hose & flowerpots, and then of course – our voices.

The ‘Orchestra’ is fluid. Its size changes. It is made up of ‘pods’ – small groups of people that can come together to make instruments and rehearse (or not). Any number of these pods can come together to create a ‘music action’

There are mentors that can help people design and make instruments and rehearse musical ideas.

There will be someone that co-ordinates and conducts each Human Trash Orchestra  performance.

 There is no regular rehearsal, there is no physical base.

 Geographic location – Sunshine Coast, qld, Australia.

 People are responsible for their own instruments.

 There is no need for money to change hands, we do it because we want to.

 Where will we play?  – In the street, Climate Protest rallies, Flash Mobs etc

 We want to protest against the massive human footprint (our footprint) that is radically changing this planet so that its current inhabitants will not survive. We want this protest to be fuelled by joy …the joy of living. The joy of music (one of the things that humans can be proud of).