Horse to Water

MD / performer  Wataboshi Festival  2003

Glen Sheppard and Peter Rowe, are both young men using facilitated communication (fc) to write the songs. (Put very simply, that’s using an alphabet board with the physical support of a trusted support person). They are improvising the words as you watch and listen, and these words are

Although there is a definite structure, “Horse to Water” allows for much improvisation from this dynamic team. Musical director/composer Linsey Pollak provides a basis with the live looping of vocal samples using a digital wind instrument to play sounds that have all been sampled from the voices of the performers. This provides the bedrock upon which the extraordinary improvised songs are based.interpreted and sung by Terri Delaney and Amy Hunter who improvise along with the vocal samples played by Linsey.
Fellow performers Davina Wilson, Ty Belnap, Alice Clarke and Florence Teillet each add their own wonderful style and energy to this emotive piece of music theatre. They also trigger the sampled voices and words from their trays of water and the giant FC board.

This group of unique artists take you on a journey¬† from isolation…. to discovery and connection. They explore the world through unique perspectives that in the end highlight things common to us all:

The need to be…to be heard, to be loved, to be seen, to be a part of it all:

PAKTI (Power of Art: Key to Inclusion) Directors Terri Delaney and Florence Teillet had a dream to team up with Linsey and a few of their Top Moves Troupe cast to produce music to break new ground.
This production has done just that.