Funky Junk


Funky Junk  was a duo show devised by Linsey performing together with his partner, percussionist Jessica Ainsworth. Funky Junk has ping pong bats scraping shaved heads and bare legs. There are bagpipes made from rubber gloves and beach balls. You’ll here the unbelievable sound of Mr Curly (a contra bass clarinet made from garden hose). There are clarinets made from a feather duster and a watering can and also a minature drum kit that weighs only 2 kgs with drumskins made from bubble wrap. Linsey has also designed a glass bass clarinet called “Rosella” and a wooden soprano saxophone which are used with live looping to create exciting multi-layered grooves with basslines played on elastic  and kaossilator, with percussion grooves on a balloon. ……and don’t forget the carrot…..which gets made into a clarinet as you watch during the show!

The show was devised for and performed at Festival O Gesto Orehudo, Portugal.