Street show 2002

“Foonki” is a street show from Australia with Linsey Pollak and Jessica Ainsworth, plus a length of garden hose, a rubber glove, a
rubbish bin and some watering cans.

A hilarious and profoundly musical 15 minute show that creates a giant interractive bagpipe played by Linsey and 5 members of the
audience and accompanied by funky bent rhythms played by Jess on watering cans and rubbish bin.

A circle is formed in the street with a garden hose.

Watering cans appear from a rubbish bin and  suddenly become a crazy drumkit.

A handpump is attached to the end of the garden hose and an audience member conscripted to pump up a rubber glove.
And so a bagpipe is created.

Other audience members will control the 3 rubber glove powered drones which accompany the bagpipe chanter and drumkit.